Nestle Calorie Control

Nestle Calorie Control

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VENDER : Nestle Japan Ltd.

RELEASE DATE : 2011-3-25

PRICE : Free

DEVICE : iPhone,iPodtouch,iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

About This Program

*** This application is in Japanese only. ***
Nestle Calorie Control
Nestle Japan Ltd.

When you eat, you intake calories. when you exercise, you consume calories. Nestle Calorie Control helps you to monitor this daily calorie balance. It has a weight control function, so we recommend this application for those who are conscious about their weight and physical condition. Please use it to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.


[NEW!]Now you can record body fat percentage !
--What you can do with this App—

●Convert dishes to calories
All you have to do is select the dishes you ate to convert them into calorie. You can easily record your daily calories intake.
You can register your usual dishes as a pattern, and save time calculating everyday calories.

●Convert exercise to calories
All you have to do is to select exercises or routine activities and input how long you do them, then convert them into calories. This way you can easily record the calories you burn according to your weight.
For those who almost always do the same activities, Pattern Registration is quite convenient. There are 2 patterns; for week days, and for days off. Once you register your activity pattern, calories you burn are automatically calculated every day. If you exercise more than usual, you can just add time to your exercise or add another exercise. It is quite easy to input every day. You can set a weekday as a day off, so please customize your settings according to your lifestyle.

●Every day balance of calories
We put an indication bar which illustrates the balance between calories-in and calories-out, so that you can see the degree of difference.

When you rotate your iPhone from portrait to landscape, the calendar and list screens turn into a graph. You can easily see the relationship between weight, dietary life and exercise at a glance. When you tap a bar in the weekly graph, detailed data is shown.

●Record daily weight/body fat percentage
You can reach your target weight/body fat percentage by recording your weight every day.

●Support Mail
We offer a "Support Mail" service which encourages you to continue using this function beyond the usual 3 day limit. We support your "Weight Control" by encouraging you to keep on usingit, or by providing reminders not to eat too much in the seasons when you tend to eat a lot.
※We consider the Mail registration date to be the first day of your "Weight Control" program, and send appropriate contents according to the number of elapsed days, so please subscribe to our Support Mail" service right away.

■Import function
For those who have been using Nestle Balance Life【unified ver.】(Former Nestle Recipe), and want to use the "Calorie-Control" function separately, we offer an import function to transfer your previous data to this new unbundled application. You should export your previous data from Nestle Balance Life【unified ver.】,and then import it into this new application.
We hope you maintain a healthy dietary lifestyle with this "Nestle Calorie Control" program with which you can easily continue to record your daily weight.
We are constantly updating this application for your convenience. Your feedback and opinions are highly appreciated.

Nestle Calorie Control

System Requirements

This program can only be used with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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