Baby Touch!

Baby Touch! "Animal"

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VENDER : BottleCube inc.

RELEASE DATE : 2010-8-11

PRICE : $1.99

DEVICE : iPhone,iPodtouch,iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

About This Program

Baby Touch! "Animal" is an application to which it peels off and the baby more than six days of month after one's birth can learn the animal happily.


It can enjoy animals' image and voices by the multi touch while touching the terminal if iPad/iPhone is passed to the baby by starting the application.
The baby did not intend and the screen was developed, and so as not to change, a use scene actual as "Returning button" was made a slide lock type was assumed and developed.
Conversation of father mother and baby.
When it is in a bad mood of the baby.
Little time of the preparation for the hospital waiting room and weaning food etc. to kill time.
To kill time for a moment of hospital waiting or prepare weaning food etc.

Please use it by various scenes to live to the baby.

- Function and feature
・It is a universal application program that operates by iPhone3G, iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPod touch, and iPad.
・The button that makes a mistake in the operation by the baby and returns so that the screen should not change is a slide lock.
・It is 10 or less in iPad as the operation can be judged even if ..hand.. attaching to the screen the baby, and five multi touch judgments or less are possible in iPhone.
・It can find 10 points multi touch in iPad and 5 points multi touch enable in iPhone.
・It can enjoy illustrations of 12+alpha animals of attractive and real voices.
・It have 2 mode. The one is "That wants to listen!" that is able to select the animal that wanted to listen freely. The other is "What appears?" in which a lot of animals appeared at random.

- Notes when using it

Do not let only the child use this application program. Use this application program thoroughly with the guardian.
Our company doesn't assume the responsibility such as accidents that are using this application program at all.

Baby Touch! "Animal" Baby Touch! "Animal" Baby Touch! "Animal"

System Requirements

This program can only be used with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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