Nestle Recipe for iPad

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VENDER : Nestle Japan Ltd.

RELEASE DATE : 2011-5-16

PRICE : Free


About This Program

*** This application is in Japanese only. ***
Only 4 days after the launch of the app, it reached 1st place among free applications in the App Store. Now it has been upgraded with a voice recognition function.
"Nestle Recipe for iPad" Information copy for App Store


[NEW function]
You don't have to touch the screen!
We added a voice recognition function which enables you to scroll the app screen from side to side ,and up and down by talking to your iPad.
■When you say "MIGI(right)",or "HIDARI(left)", the screen moves from side to side, and you can see the recipe's description, how to cook it, and a cooking flow chart. When you say "UE(up)",or "SHITA(down)", the screen moves form up and down.
■You can switch voice recognition on/off with the button at the top of the screen.

■There are over 1,600 recipes! You can easily look for the best recipes by category, ingredients, keywords, or cooking time!
■You can search for recipes in various ways, such as by calorie-count, situation, difficulty-level, or the amount of sodium. All recipes have been checked by food professionals who have an expert knowledge of nutrition, so the search for recipes by their amount of calories or sodium helps those who are conscious about those things.

-These are convenient!-
●You can take a look at all the information.
You can see the list of recipes which match your search conditions, cooking instructions, and flow-charts on the screen of your iPad, so you can enjoy cooking easily.

●Voice recognition!
You can scroll the screen from side to side, and up and down by using this function. You don't have to touch the screen with your wet hands. All you have to do is saying "MIGI(right)", "HIDARI(left)", "UE(up)",or "SHITA(down)" to move the screen to what you want to see.

●Doesn't turn off!
Nestle Recipe for iPad has a "Sleep Off" function. The screen doesn't sleep while you are cooking, so you do not have to touch the screen with your wet hands.

●Favorites function
Add recipes you are interested in or ones you think look delicious to your Favorite Recipes list, so you can easily find them when you want to cook them again.

●No problem in an out of service area! It is an install-type application, so there is no need for wireless access. You can enjoy it with no reception and in a no wi-fi area.

●Kitchen Timer
Thanks to the built-in timer function, you don't have to quit the app when you use the Kitchen Timer.

We are constantly updating Nestle Recipe for iPad so that you can frequently use it at your convenience. Your feedback and opinions are highly appreciated.
Nestle Recipe for iPad

System Requirements

iPad and iPad2.

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