Transformation Belt

Transformation Belt

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VENDER : BottleCube inc.

RELEASE DATE : 2008-10-27

PRICE : $0.99

DEVICE : iPhone 3GS,iPhone3G,iPodTouch,iPodTouch2G

About This Program

In purchasing this program, your mind has already transformed into that of a hero!
Defend your town from evil monsters and become a real hero!


Transformation Belt

The App that brings memories of past heroes is here!
Hold your iPhone at belt level. Pinch your screen to open and close the shutter.
By dragging the pinwheel with your finger for more than one rotation, the action sound sounds, and you can begin to enjoy your transformation.
You can open your shutter by launching the application on your iPhone or iPod touch, and touching the onscreen belt buckle.
Build up the power of your shutter by dragging the pinwheel and turning it around and around with your finger.
After releasing your finger, the pinwheel will begin to rotate. Then, the transformation begins with a ringing sound.
Pose like the Henshin heroes we all remember!

Our former program has been corresponded to transform by our jump.

You might take it for granted that enemies don't attack you when you are transforming.
But evil monsters attack you relentlessly!
Dragging the pinwheel with your finger takes time too much.
" YAAAAAA!!! "
The power which is hidden in your belt will be released by your jump!

The Henshin belt has come back with the new action " Jump ".
Hold your iPhone at belt level with the shutter opened.
When you jump as high as you can, the pinwheel will begin to rotate. Then, the transformation begins with a new ringing sound!

System Requirements

This program can only be used with iPhone and iPod touch.

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