VENDER : BottleCube inc.

RELEASE DATE : 2009-7-10

PRICE : Free

PLATFORM : Android ver1.1

About This Program

This is Hakobo's style!
This game demands spirit, skills and the body as a whole.
These nine colors will stimulate your brain!?



This is an instinct training game to use your intuition to make patterns with colors and letters.
The skills that this game demands are to make cool calm decisions, the ability to take aim without thinking about the possibility of error and to maintain absolute concentration.
Use all of your skills to have fun and play a fun color touching game.
Simple but tough!
We hope through this color training game, you can use all your skills and knowledge!

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  • PUFF!
  • Transformation Belt
  • ColorTraining
  • Hakobo Hopping!
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