Hakobo Hopping!

Hakobo Hopping!

VENDER : BottleCube inc.

RELEASE DATE : 2009-4-27

PRICE : Free

PLATFORM : Android ver1.1

About This Program

Fly Hakobo! Get as many mushrooms in the forest as you can!


Hakobo Hopping!

Use mushrooms to get mushrooms!
Move a huge mushroom trampoline left to right to keep Hakobo from falling, and to bounce him on his way!
The aim is for the Hakobo to catch smaller mushrooms mid-air
Get as many mushrooms as you can!
Let's see what you can do with「Hakobo Hopping!」!
Good luck!

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  • PUFF!
  • Transformation Belt
  • ColorTraining
  • Hakobo Hopping!
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